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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shemot | שמות | “Names”

By Maria Merola אריאל
© Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, January 2017

Pictured is an illustration of Mosheh (Moses) at the burning bush when he heard the true name of our Creator, YaHuWaH.

This week’s portion is called Shemoth, and it means “Names.” The first chapter of Exodus details the names of the Tribes of Yisra’el and the second chapter describes how the Pharaoh’s daughter named Mosheh (Moses) because he was drawn from the water.

By the third chapter, we see Moses discovering his identity as an Yisraelite once he learns the true name of the one who called him to be a deliverer for the children of Yisra’el. 

By the sixth chapter, YaHuWaH revealed his true Covenant Name to Moses, promising to establish his covenant forever with Yisra’el.

In last week’s portion, it focused on the blessings that Ya’aqob-Yisra’el (Jacob-Israel) gave to his twelve sons and his two grandsons. The two sons of Joseph thought they were gentiles or Egyptians, until their grandfather Jacob-Israel said to these two boys “Let my name be named upon them!” (Genesis 48:16).

In this week’s portion, the theme of “names” continues as we discover that the “name” of YaHuWaH differentiates him from all the other false deities/gods of Egypt.

In the same way that Joseph’s two sons Manasseh and Ephrayim discovered their true identity when their grandfather, Yisra’el declared “Let my name be named upon them,” Moses also is discovering his true identity as an Yisraelite when the name of YaHuWaH was shown to him in Exodus 3:14-15.

Many Christians who follow the Messiah, Yahuwshuwa (whom they call Jesus) think of themselves as “gentiles” until the heavenly Father (like Jacob-Israel) declares to them “Let my name be named upon them!” 

In Revelation 14:1-4, the 144,000 are those who have been redeemed by the Lamb of Elohiym and they have “their fathers name upon their foreheads.” 

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This Week’s Towrah Portion:

Shemot | שמות | “Names”

•         Towrah: Shemot (Exodus) 1:1-6:1  
•         Nabiym (Prophets): Yeshayahuw (Isaiah) 27:6-28:13, 29:22-23  
•         Besowrah (Gospel): Luke 5:12-39  

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