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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

There is Nothing “Good” About “Good Friday!”

By Maria Merola אריאל 
© Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, March 2018

Did you know that “Good Friday” and “Easter Sunday” are secretly celebrated in honor of  “The Queen of Heaven” which we were warned about in Jeremiah 7 & 44?

The day of the week “Friday” (Venerdi in Italian) was originally named after “Venus,” the goddess of love. She was also called “Ishtar” (Easter) in other ancient cultures. The word “Venerdi” is also where we derive the word “venerate” which means “to worship.”

Our Messiah was crucified on the 4th day of the week (what we call Wednesday), and he was in the heart of the earth for “three days and three nights” (Matthew 12:40). This means 72 hours, and then he resurrected on the seventh day of the week, the end of the Sabbath, which is why he declared that he was “Lord of the Sabbath!” (Mark 12:8).

The Roman Catholic Catechism falsely claims (without any biblical support) that “Mary participated in the crucifixion with Christ” and therefore, she also “resurrected” with him, which they call “The Assumption of Mary.”

They also call her the “Co-Redeemer, and Co-Mediator” with Christ, which is not supported by scripture what-so-ever! As a matter of fact, scripture declares that there is only ONE MEDIATOR:

1st Timothy 2:5 For there is one Elohiym, and one mediator between Elohiym and men, the man Mashiyach (Messiah), Yahuwshuwa (Joshua).

They teach that “Mary was born without original sin” and that she passed on her “divine nature to Jesus!”

This is the true essence of the “Spirit of Antichrist” as 1st John 4:3 says: “Every spirit that confesses NOT that Yahuwshuwa Messiah is come in the flesh, this is that spirit of Anti-Messiah (Antichrist).”

By denying that Mary was born with a sinful nature, Roman Catholicism teaches that it was necessary for her to be born sinless in order to pass on her sinless and divine nature to the Messiah!

This means that they deny that he came with a corruptible or a mortal body! In other words they teach that he did not come in the “mortal flesh” of a regular human being.

See the video by Ron Wyatt which explains that his humanity was passed on by his mother, but his divinity came only through his Heavenly Father:

In the 3rd Century, the Roman Emperor Constantine claimed that he had become a “Christian,”  but he outlawed the keeping of all Biblical Festivals (making them punishable by death), and he replaced them with Pagan Counterfeit holidays!

See the blog entitled: The Constantine Creed:

Emperor Constantine also renamed all the statues in the pagan temples to make them appear as “Christian Saints.” Hence, the statue of Venus holding her baby son “Sol Invictus” (The Invincible Sun) became “Mary holding baby Jesus.”

The Vatican teaches its members that Mary is “The Queen of Heaven” (just like the pagan goddess that was condemned by YaHuWaH in Jeremiah 7 & 44)!

The Vatican also teaches that “Mary is the Holy Spirit” and that she is the “Third Person of the Trinity.” This is the true origin of “The Doctrine of the Trinity!”

Evangelicals wrongly use the term “Trinity” to describe the “ONENESS” of the Father & the Son, meaning that YaHuWaH is ONE being with three offices or functions.

Once you understand the role of “Mary, Queen of Heaven” in the Roman Catholic Church, you will want to avoid “Good Friday & Easter” and repent that you ever participated in it!

See the blog below:

The Queen of Heaven: Why Does the Church Celebrate Easter?

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